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Djezzy DBSS

Background information

Djezzy, the leader mobile operator in Algeria, has democratized- during the last decade - the Mobile communications service industry in Algeria. Djezzy has been serving more than 16 Million Customers, in a very competitive Telco business that continues to develop fast. The company’s vison is to shift from as CSP (Communication Service Provider) to a DSP (Digital Service Provider), this vision implies redesigning the business model of the company so it can go beyond delivering basic communication services such as Voice and Messaging. Innovation and customer orientation have become vital to deal with the new Telco’s reality, a reality that no longer supports traditional communication business.

In order to maintain our market leading position, on the one hand, and on the other hand, widening our range of services, we introduced a new innovative platform called the Digital Business Support System. The DBSS was implemented to revolutionize the user experience of our subscribers, big challenges were raised, especially the one that requires reworking the infrastructure.

After one year of hard work and synergy, the DBSS saw the light. The project was superbly dealt with. We aced it!

In this section we will highlight both the goals and the timeline of the project. The scope includes the processes, the business units and organization, plus the technical differences in terms of technology and architecture compared to the legacy (cloud, virtualization, open source solutions, Digital Capabilities…).

Channels and Customer Touchpoint

  • From physical channels to online.
  • From customer care to self service

Customer Insight

  • CRM platform for 360° customer view across all product lines and channels
  • Improve customer service using our knowledge of customer experience.
  • Explore business opportunities by knowledge of customer behavior.

Service Enablement

  • Self-management
  • Digital capabilities and online Customer interaction (eShop, eCare, POS)

New Business

  • Transform our capabilities into new revenue streams.
  • Flexibility and short time to market.

Customer Engagement

  • Active part in customer usage of communication.
  • Be a provider of end to end experience of customer communication also in the digital world.

Effective Processes

  • Centralized product catalog mastering product data and managing all aspects of product lifecycle
  • Full automation of customer processes.
  • Competitive TTM in Offer development and configuration – 72 Hours
  • Flexibility and short time to market.
  • B2B sales automation process with self service capabilities


Project’s added value and importance

Besides offering relevant customer experience related the communication strategic business, the new platform includes e-commerce and MFS modules. These advantages capitalize our position as pioneers in the digital landscape of the country.

The DBSS platform offers opportunities in favor of strategic partnerships such as:

  • Financial governmental institutions (banks, Post …) for E-payment and MFS
  • Small and medium-sized companies by accompanying and supporting entrepreneurship. This allows us to play
  • a key role in economy growth as well as creating digital-oriented businesses.

In the last decade, the Algerian population has become hyper-connected. The digital landscape is reshaping quickly and the customers ask for more in terms of mobile internet services and their availability in a larger scale, this includes connecting remote villages and offering easy and intuitive access to education platforms, administrative services, health care, and general entertainment.

Job creator and generator of vocational Digital skills for the future.

Bringing connectivity to the most remote villages by providing easy access to key areas such as health care, education and online services.

Transforming mobile industries through innovation, to face new challenges related to urbanization.

Green Impact, using virtualization technology will reduce power consumption and carbon emission.


The DBSS transformation is the first success story in Telco DBSS transformation, bellow the main challenges faced

1. Business Challenges

Business simplification

  • 82% of Tariff Plan simplified ,
  • Reduction of 187 Tarrif Plan
  • Product and offer Configuration & optimization , Product and offer cleaning

New Business Process:

  • Business process simplification,
  • new way of working

2. Technical challenges

Data Migration

  • More than 16 million customers migrated successfully in one single night .
  • No loss of Data during migration (100% customers migrated)
  • 16 Million Customer Migrated in one night in les than 14 hours

Integration 3PP

  • 46 Apps integration - including Front end channels. Back end systems (RA,DWH ,ERP,IVR ,CMS,SNOC,USSD/IVR,DWH,DMP …etc
  • 240 Technical uses cases.

3. Organizational ,Cultural and Human challenges


  • Training of 1500 Agents from all shops within one month
  • User acceptance Test/ End to End test

1000 people, with different culture and countries working together in the same area during test activity.


  • 18 000 Business use cases tested / Top 50 offers that generating 98% of revenue


Djezzy DBSS project is the First success story in Telco industry contributing to Djezzy and Algeria Digital transformation, by providing Agility, improving customer satisfaction and having a key role as a source of economic growth, productivity enhancer, job creator, generator of vocational Digital skills and innovation for the future.

During this journey more than 1000 professionals worked together to reach the same goal with a big team spirit they have showed the real meaning of collaboration, courage, integrity, customer orientation and innovation (Company Values).

More than a successful Business and technical digital , this project is considered as a big human experience that will improve the collaborative work and will lead to new perspective for Algerian citizens ,partners and Djezzy Business and employees .